Practice Schedule

AHS Summer Basketball Schedule 2016
(Updated 6-2)
Tue May 31st Practice @ AHS 5:30-7:30pm
Wed June 1st Practice @ AHS 5:30-7:30pm
Thur June 2nd Practice @ AHS 5:30-7:30pm
Fri June 3rd Practice @ AHS 5:30-7:30pm
Sat June 4th V/JV/JV2 @ Seaside JV @ 10am+11am Seaside + Warrenton
JV2 @ 1+3pm Corbett both times
V @ 5+8pm City Ch + North All Stars
Sun June 5th V @ Seaside 10am + 11am City Ch.+ Seaside
Mon June 6th V @ LCC(Longview) 5:15pm+7:45pm WF West + Seton Cath.
Tue June 7th JV/V @ AHS vs Seaside AUX Gym 6(JV) +7pm(V)
Wed June 8th JV2 @ Warrenton 6+7pm (2 games)
Thur June 9th V @ LCC 6:30pm Mark Morris
Sat June 11th JV/JV2 @ Forest Grove TBD (3 games)
Sun June 12th JV/JV2 @ Forest Grove TBD (3 games)
Tue June 14th V @ LCC 8:15pm Woodland
Thur June 16th V @ LCC 7pm RA Long
Sat June 18th V @ Longview “War of the Borders” TBD
Sat June 18th JV @ Woodland TBD (3 games)
Sun June 19th V @ Longview “War of the Borders” TBD
Mon June 20th JV @ Warrenton 6+7pm (2 games)
Mon June 20th V @ LCC 4:30+7pm La Center + Castle Rock
Wed June 22nd JV2 @ Warrenton 6+7pm (2 games)
Thur June 23rd V @ LCC 7pm Kelso
Fri June 24th V/JV/JV2 @ Ilwaco TBD
Sat June 25th V/JV/JV2 @ Ilwaco TBD
Sun June 26th V/JV/JV2 @ Ilwaco TBD
Mon June 27 V/JV/JV2 @ Seaside TBD
Tue June 28th V/JV/JV2 @ Seaside TBD
Wed June 29th V/JV/JV2 @ Seaside TBD
Local Games still to TBD at all three levels (Knappa or Ilwaco)
Riverside Basketball camp is Mon-Thur 9am-12pm June 20th-23rd
Summer league is $50 ($75 with Riverside included) (Includes Practice Jersey for
?’s Call Coach Kevin Goin @ 503-949-2810 cell or email [email protected]